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Journal Swap for the Eating Disordered
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A journal exchange for those suffering from or recovering from EDs.
Welcome to ED Journal Swap. As a member of this community, you will submit an application and be carefully matched with another person. You will then commit to filling a paper journal, cover to cover, with your thoughts and musings, poems and drawings, reflections and hopes and struggles.

(Note - these journals should be expressive and meaningful. They should not really focus on food intake and exercise level, or be merely a scrapbook full of "thinspo". This is meant to create lasting, meaningful friendships. It does not have to be a journal merely about your ED, that can get a little redundant!)

This community was designed in response to the larger ED communities which sometimes leave people feeling alienated. I'm going to keep membership fairly small. After you've been accepted, you may post in the community to introduce yourself.

I will consider all applications submitted BEFORE JANUARY 29 for the first round of pairing. Allow a few days for this to happen! I will consider matches as carefully as possible, and post the list to the community.

Send all applications to hoverbiiikes@gmail.com!

Please consider carefully before submitting an application. If you can commit to writing at least a few entries a week in a paper journal, making your entries interesting and meaningful, and think you would like to belong to a more tight-knit community of intelligent disordered people, then this community is for you.

The online community can be used fairly freely, but please follow these simple rules:

1) No pictures that are not behind a cut. No pictures of food or thinspo, or any pictures involving SI, or pictures that may be triggering (use your common sense). No nudity.

2) No promospamming, promoting, etc.

3) Be supportive!



LJ Name:




What ED are you diagnosed with?:

Have you received professional treatment?:

What stage is your ED in? (That is to say, are you in recovery? Thinking about recovery? A pro-anorexia militant who foams at the mouth at the thought of getting better?):


Favorite movies/books/TV shows?:

Are you currently attending school? If so, what level?:

Anything else you'd like me to know?:

Anything you absolutely would not want in a swap pal?:

Will you be making / decorating your own journal or purchasing one?

Describe yourself in five words:

Sample journal entry:

**NOTE** I will be fairly selective on allowing in members based on your writing ability. It's not like if you make a typo you're not going to get in, but we want to make sure your journal will be meaningful and well-written.

And if you were invited, no worries - it was probably because your writing skills stood out anyway.

If you have any questions, please contact your friendly neighborhood mod at hoverbiiikes@gmail.com!